"On Oct 28th I was blind calling using the buck and doe calls one right after
the other every ten minutes or so.  Just before dark I saw movement through
the leaves out 25 yards in front of me.  I raised my Excalbur and looked
through my scope.  My heart just about came through my chest when he
raised his head and saw his rack.  He milled around for a few minutes without
giving a shot and thought he was getting ready to leave.  He circled around and
came into 21 yards and I made the shot.  I am glad I was wearing a safety
harness.  That night I lost the blood trail.  Following a sleepless night I returned
to the last blood and he wasn't 20 yards away.  We must have walked past him
6 times.  He was bigger than I had thought.  He is my best buck to date.

Thanks for making a great call"
David Roskoski